Apps Every Girl Needs on Her Phone

Apps Every Girl Needs on Her Phone

Nowadays, our phone is an essential part of our life and with it comes millions of apps that are available to download for free. Keeping with this month’s theme here are a few essential apps that every girl should have on her phone.



As a busy woman, you probably don’t have an exact track of when your next period is due. This app will prevent unwelcome surprises and let you know exactly when you’ll be on an emotional rollercoaster. It’ll track your mood, fluids, pain, sexual activity, sexual drive, tags and days of your cycle. You can input the data for the previous months manually, and the app will calculate your next cycle. Also, the name itself is discreet, unlike most period tracker apps. Along with forgetting when you’ll get your next period remembering to take your contraceptive pill can be a bit of a hassle. This app can also remind you to take your pill. It will ask you whether you took your pill, or more specifically, whether it was taken late, completely missed, or doubled.




Bumble has been hailed as the “feminist Tinder” as it only allows women to send the first message to guys to prevent any unwanted or creepy messages. However, its most interesting feature is its “bff” option which allows you to make female pals. Once the “bff” option is activated you get to see fellow women in your area and swipe left or right as you would usually do on any dating app. It’s very useful if you’re traveling or just moved to a new city and you’re looking to make friends.


Circle of 6 / BSafe


These apps are essential in case of emergency. Circle of 6 lets you build a circle of 6 friends or trusted people to quickly call when you’re in danger and need help or need to reach the authorities. With one tap, you can let everyone in your circle or emergency services know that you need help, along with your current location so they know exactly where you are. 


Similarly, BSafe is a personal safety alarm that sends an emergency message to your chosen contacts with the push of a button. You can set up a safety net of "Guardians" who can respond to your SOS text message with one designated Guardian receiving a phone call. All Guardians receive a text message with a link to a map showing your location via GPS. You can also program a Fake Incoming Call if you are threatened, with six options for when the call should be initiated.




This app can connect you with a doctor when you need answers right away. You can even send pictures of a problem or copies of lab results to receive a second opinion. There is the option to search its medical article library for information on common medical illnesses and read advice from more than 100,000 medical experts. It also provides action checklists to help you manage your health care.


Pretty in My Pocket


Perfect for makeup junkies, this app allows you to scan a beauty product and instantly see the expert reviews as well as inspiration from photos, how-to videos and featured content from make-up artists and other users. This app enhances the shopping experience both online and offline, inside the drugstore or at the high-end beauty counter. 


And… That’s it!

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